Support Siddhant Sachin Mane To Recover From Blood Cancer

My Son Master. Siddhant Sachin Mane, is just 9-year boy and he is diagnosed with “EWING SARCOMA” which is a type of bone cancer and has to undergo “Chemotherapy” and Surgery, Radiation I (Siddhant’s father) am working as a Farmer I am the only earning member supporting the family I am worried about my Son’s critical illness

AN APPEAL TO DONORS TO HELP “MASTER.SIDDHANT SACHIN MANE” HE IS SUFFERING FROM “EWING’S SARCOMA”. MASTER. SIDDHANT MANE is just a 9-year- old boy. This child is diagnosed with a “EWING SARCOMA” which is type of bone cancer and has to undergo “Chemotherapy and Surgery, Radiation”. Currently Siddhant is under treatment at Bharati Hospital, Pune

He has to undergo Chemotherapy and Surgery, Radiation. Cancer Control Mission Commitment for the treatment expense is 8,00,000/- (Eight Lacs).

Mr, Mane (Father of Siddhant) is working as Farmer and his mother is house wife. he is the only earning member in the family consisting of 6 members and has no support from anywhere else and no other source of income. In such a critical situation it is difficult for him to bear the expense of his Son’s treatment.

Cancer Control Mission needs your financial support for medical treatment of, Master. Siddhant Mane

Cancer Control Mission (CCM) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to help needy children. Cancer Control Mission is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Reg. No F-40856/Mumbai/2009. All donation to Cancer Control Mission are exempted from tax under section 80-G of Income Tax act
The treatment will prolong for more than 10 months.

Total Treatment Cost Rs. 8,00,000/-
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