support new born baby to get a healthy life.


Afrin is facing a very difficult situation because her newborn baby boy arrived earlier than expected and is struggling with serious health issues, including a very low birth weight with neonatal jaundice. The tiny infant is currently fighting for his life. In order to give him the best possible chance at life, he requires special care known as NICU care and treatment for at least 7-8 weeks.

We are reaching out to you because your generosity and support can make a significant difference in Afrin’s baby boy's life. The goal is to provide him with the necessary care and treatment at Nice Advanced Neonatal Care Centre and Children’s Hospital in Kolhapur. Your contribution can help fulfill Afrin’s dream of seeing her baby grow up healthy and happy. Your donation today is crucial in ensuring that the infant receives the proper care needed for a healthy start in life.

The baby's father is a laborer, and currently, I am the sole breadwinner for our family. I am deeply concerned about the seriousness of our baby's condition. While he is currently receiving reatment, critical NICU care is urgently required.

The total cost for the NICU care and other necessary medical treatments is Rs. 3,50,000- Rs. 4,00,000/- (Three lakhs and fifty thousand to Four lakhs). We are reaching out to compassionate individuals like yourself to help us cover these expenses and provide our baby with the best possible chance of overcoming this challenging time. Your support can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of our precious little one.

The Cancer Control Mission relies needs your financial support for the medical treatment of the baby Afrin Jamadar

Cancer Control Mission (CCM) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping needy Cancer Patients. Cancer Control Mission is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Reg. No F-40856/Mumbai/2009. CCM works in pan India to bring awareness to people and help fight cancer. As an organization, we have successfully helped more than 50 cancer patients to fight this deadly disease. Now we are up to with our ‘Can cure’ (Cancer means Can Curable)’ list for the future. For more details you can visit our website,, and reach us at 022-65123309,49705336,28129090 Mo No: 9594083309.

Total Treatment Cost Rs. 3,50,000/- - 4,00,000/-
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