Our wish to every living of india will be associate with us to fulfil the dreams to Cancer Control.

1. Propagating our Massage of National level.

2. Health Education.

3. School education support for some help children to after death of cancer patient.

4. Counseling.

5. Reducing the morbidity (suffering) in cancer.

6. Improve Quality of life of patient and family.

7. Reducing the mortality (Death) by promoting early detection and treatment.

9. Our Mission we shall be conducting the cancer awareness programs in schools all over india for cancer control.

10. We manage to mobilize some resources through voluntary donations during the Sponsored cancer Awareness Program integrating control of Cancer and other diseases. This covers aspects on Tobacco, Passive smoking, Good dietary habits, healthy living habits, Physical exercise, and pollution control to prevent non communicable disease such as cancer , cardiovascular, Diabetes, respiratory aliments, etc. These programs are organized Free of Cost we accept voluntary donations if any.

11. We also provide regular financial assistance to the needy cancer patients for Palliation and organize workshops on addressing palliative care for improved cancer pain advocating availability and use of morphine at the Govt. Hospitals .Looking to the plight of the Cancer Patients in India.

12. Financial Assistance to other agencies engaged in meeting our objective.

13. Awareness Related research.

14. Other aspects of cancer patient.


Cancer Hospital, Treatment for Cancer patients, Ambulance for cancer Patients, Institution, Health Education, Rural areas awareness campaign plan, Awareness related Research.

We wish and hope that every living of India will be associate with us and help us to fulfill the dream to control cancer.