Medical Advisor

Dr. Reshma J. Palep

Consultant general and Breast Cancer Surgeon


+ Fellowship in Breast Cancer Surgery at TATA Memorial Hospital.

+ Fellowship in recent advances in Breast Cancer Surgery in a dedicated multi-disciplinary Breast unit at Northwick Park Hospital, London for special training in Needle localization of early cancers & sentinel Node Biopsy.

+ Trained in intra-operative radiotherapy (Targit trial) at Breast Care centre, Hamburg , Germany.
She is appointed examiner to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and is Assistant professor of Surgery at Grant Medical College, Mumbai.

Breast Cancer Surgery General & Laparoscopic Surgery for Women.
+ Breast Conservative surgery + Piles Fissures and Fistulae
+ Modified radical Mastectomy + Thyroid Disorders
+ Needle localization of Early Cancers + Gallstones
+ Sentinel Node Biopsy + Appendicitis
+ Hernia
+ Laparoscopic Surgery


Saifee Hospital S.L. Raheja (Fortis0Hospital
Breach Candy Hospital Cumballa Hill Hospital

Dr. Hitendra Patil

M.S. (Surgery), DNB (Surgery) MRCS(London), DNB (Surgical Oncology) FAMS (Fellowship in Mumbai Access surgery)

FAMS (Fellowship in Mumbai Access surgery)

Consultant Cancer Surgeon.
DM [ Tata Memorial Hospital ], MD [KEM Hospital, MUMBAI], MBBS [ KEM Hospital]

Dr. Hitendra Patil, a senior consulting Surgical Oncologist, brings his exemplary academic training from prestigious National & International Institutes and years of experience to cancer health care in Mumbai and its suburbs. He spearheads Suyog Cancer Clinics. He has played a pivotal role in giving a new lease of life to thousands of cancer patients with his precise surgical skills and compassionate treatment approach. He specializes in radical surgeries for head-neck, breast & gynecological, gastrointestinal & urological cancers. He follows subtle balance of radical and surgical mutilation in cancer surgery via evidence based practice. His special interests lie in organ conservation by sequencing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in larynx, breast, urinary bladder, bone-soft tissue sarcoma. Besides, he does adjunct surgical procedures like chemotherapy port insertion, direct laryngoscope, oral & laryngeal endoscopy for exact mapping of cancers for treatment, planning and monitoring.

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal

Consultant Oncologist & Hemato-Oncologist

Fellowship in Adult Hemat-Oncology (Saifee Hospital, Mumbai), MD (Internal Medicine , DYPMC, Navi Mumbai ) , MBBS (MGMMC, Navi Mumbai )

He has over 7years of Clinical Experience, 2 years in treating Cancers of ALL types. He gives Chemotherapy for all types of A) Solid Cancers including Lung, Colon, Breast, Prostate, Ovary, Neuroendocrine, Gastrointestinal, Bone, Sarcomas, etc. B) Blood Cancers like leukemia’s, Lymphomas, Multiple Myeloma, other Lymph proliferative and Myeloproliferative disorders. He have experience in handling various non malignant blood disorders like ITP, DIC, Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia, Aplastic anemia, MDS. He has received training in Bone Marrow Transplants. He gives targeted therapy for all cancers. He is expert in doing bone marrow aspiration and biopsy for diagnosis of blood cancers, reviews peripheral smear and bone marrow aspiration slides to arrive at a diagnosis.

Dr. Omkar Nagesh Khandkar

Consultant Pediatric Hematologist & Oncologist

Fellowship in pediatric hematology oncology (LTMMC and Sion Hospital, Mumbai), DNB Pediatrics (NBE, New Delhi), MBBS (TNMC & Nair Hospital, Mumbai)

Trained in Pediatric blood disorders, immunological conditions and cancers He gives treatment for children's leukemia’s, Hodgkin's lymphomas, Non Hodgkin's lymphomas, rhabdomyosarcomas, hepatoblastomas, Wilms tumor. He is expert in thalassemias, various types of anemia’s, such as sickle cell anemia, aplastic anemia, megaloblastic anemia’s, hemolytic anemia’s; white cell disorders & platelet disorers such as acute & chronic itp, thrombocytopenia’s;, bleeding disorders. He treats various disorders related to your body's immune system defects He has taken training in bone marrow transplants. He is expert in doing pediatric intrathecal chemotherapies, bone marrow aspiration and biopsies.

Dr. Mishil Parikh

Consultant Orthopaedic - Oncologist

M.B.B.S., M.S. ( Ortho.) , M.Ch. ( Ortho.) , Fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology (Tata Memorial Hospital), F.I.A.M.S., PGDHHM, PGDCR

Dr. Mishil Parikh, is a practicing Musculoskeletal Oncologist in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. He is an Orthopedic surgeon from Mumbai, who trained at Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai. Following his post-graduation, he was trained at the Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai, for three years where he gained extensive experience and skill in the management of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors. He is the youngest Musculoskeletal Oncologist in the country and the 6th officially trained and certified Ortho-Onco surgeon from Tata Memorial Hospital. He has an experience of numerous surgeries for bone and soft tissue tumors. He specializes in Needle biopsies for bone tumors which help in limb salvage surgeries. He has vast experience in the management of all types of Malignant and Benign, Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors, and Skeletal Metastases. He is well versed with Limb Salvage techniques with the use of Mega prosthesis, Nail Cement Spacer, Biological Methods (ECRT, Allografts, Bone Transpositions). He has a vast experience in treatment of Pathological fractures and Spinal cord Compression due to metastasis.

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