Name Designation
1. Puspendra Raj CEO
2. Aswini Kumar Shrivastava Director Mumbai Reason
3. Teena Puri Director Delhi
4. Sachin Ojha Co-ordinator Delhi
5. Sujit Roy Co-ordinator Delhi
6. P.K. Datta Co-ordinator Delhi
7. Soma Dhar Co-ordinator Delhi
8. K.C. Banarjee Co-ordinator Delhi
9. Sumeeta Jain Co-ordinator Delhi
10. Shanu Wadhwa Director Delhi
11. Pawan Kumar Co-ordinator Mumbai
12. Vishnu Kumar Co-ordinator Mumbai
13. Prashant Loke Co-ordinator Mumbai
14. Mithilesh Singh Co-ordinator Mumbai
15. Sanjay Singh Co-ordinator Mumbai
16. Sanjay Chaturvedi Co-ordinator Mumbai
17. Remus Rodrigues Co-ordinator Mumbai
18. Surendra Pandey Co-ordinator Mumbai
19. B. L. Sharma Co-ordinator Mumbai
20. Ramakant Mishra (Ex. Bank Manager) Co-ordinator U.P.
21. K.N. Tiwari (Ex. Education Officer) Co-ordinator MumbaiDirector U.P.
22. Pradeep Kumar Co-ordinator U.P.
23. Manmohan Singh Co-ordinator U.P.
24. Ravindra K. Singh Co-ordinator U.P.
25. Y. Rajshakhar Co-ordinator Hyderabad

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Name Designation
26. Harshada Bhoir Accountant
27. Priya Mishra Office In charge
28. Manisha Singh Stationary In charge
29. Sweta Mohite Office assistance
30. Gautam Chaudhury Administrative Officer
31. Kacharu Dhotre Office Work Out Side
32. Babita Mishra Tele Caller
33. Pooja Patwa Tele Caller
34. Khushboo Mishra Tele Caller
35. Kajol Bodke Tele Caller
36. Gurjeet Kaur Tele Caller
37. Dhara Ajmera Tele Caller
38. Vanaja Nadar Tele Caller
39. Aasha Kashid Tele Caller
40. Khushi Patel Tele Caller
41. Bansari Manver Tele Caller
42. Sweety Kansagra Tele Caller
43. Habiba Shaikh Tele Caller
We wish and hope that every living of India will be associate with us and help us to fulfill the dream to control cancer.